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When is a precautionary examination of the brain (brain check-up) necessary? 

With the help of the brain check-ups, certain brain diseases such as circulatory disorders, Parkinson's disease or dementia can be diagnosed early on.

The examination should be completed especially for people who have known risk factors for these diseases. For example, people with high blood pressure have an increased risk of circulatory problems and strokes.
The tests are also used with undiagnosed symptoms, such as forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, dizziness or headache.

Which tests are performed? 

Brain check-ups are mainly performed by applying magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but in some cases brain scintigraphy is also used. Our experienced specialists carefully select the appropriate method to be used for your examination, and customise every procedure according to your personal health risk.

The examination is offered here 

Brain check-up examination procedures are available at the following locations of radiologicum munich: