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Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis

Go for the screening!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Through regular early-detection examinations, breast cancer can often be already discovered at such an early stage that you and your doctor can still not feel it. With a timely diagnosis, the disease can be treated gently and cured in most cases.

Gentle breast-cancer screening using digital mammography 

Mammography (X-ray examination of the breast) is applied for breast-cancer screening. It is recognised as the best screening measure for women who have no symptoms.

In our practices we carry out the investigations exclusively using digital mammography, which is ultra-modern, safe and a very gentle examination technique. For more detailed information on digital mammography, see the section labelled Digital mammography.

Comprehensive consultation

It is an important priority to us to consult our patients thoroughly and professionally. During an extensive preliminary discussion our doctor will question you about undiagnosed symptoms, pain, family history and pre-existing conditions. If the doctor determines that sufficient indication for the examination exists, then he/she will hand you over to one of the friendly staff for the examination.

Following the investigation, we will explain the results to you, and together discuss if any further action is required and what that might include. If necessary, we will support you also to arrange further diagnostic steps.

More information on breast-cancer screening

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