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Computed Tomography (CT)

Special form of x-ray examination 

Computed tomography (CT) is a special type of X-ray examination. With our state-of-the-art CT scanner we record images of the part of the body to be examined in layers, and at high frame rate.

The examination is completely painless. A computer can process the image data and generate virtual, three-dimensional images. In this way, the examined body parts can be virtually rotated on the computer screen, viewed from all sides, and assessed.

Excellent results with low radiation exposure 

In contrast to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT makes use of X-rays. However our modern, ultra-fast multisclice (multilayer) CT scanners require, unlike previous generations, very little radiation and achieve the best and fast results.

Short examination times 

Earlier, the patient had to endure minutes for a single image layer to be created, in recent years still several seconds. Since it takes about 50 image layers to cover a region (e.g. chest), the patient often had to hold his/her breath several times in order to get blur-free images. Today the modern CT needs less than one second per image layer. Thus, the investigation itself often takes only a few seconds, and is easy to do with the patient having to hold his/her breath only once. Also, exposure to X-ray radiation is thereby greatly reduced. CT is now an established, patient-friendly and fast screening method with the best image quality for a reliable diagnosis.

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