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Lungs (smoking check-up)

When is the smoker check-up needed?

The risk of suffering from a bronchial carcinoma (lung cancer) for active smokers is 12 to 22 times higher than for non-smokers. The earlier lung cancer is diagnosed, the greater the life expectancy.

Therefore, we recommend for active smokers to have regular lung screenings performed. The same is true during the first ten years of abstinence for former smokers. After that the risk of developing lung cancer will have decreased to that of the normal population. Furthermore, we recommend this examination also for people who are occupationally exposed to carcinogens.

What examinations are performed?

To find out how much smoking has harmed your lungs or bronchial tubes, you should have a lung screening with computed tomography (CT) done, and to assess your respiratory system also a virtual bronchoscopy performed.

After an extensive preliminary discussion covering undiagnosed symptoms, pain, family history or pre-existing conditions, our doctors determine in each individual case whether the investigation is needed.

Even minor changes in the lung tissue and the pleura can be identified with the lung CT. In contrast to those of older generations, our modern, ultra-fast, multi-slice computed tomography (CT) equipment uses very little radiation to attain the best results. The examination only takes a few minutes.

With the virtual bronchoscopy, which is also based on the multi-slice computed tomography technique, the bronchi are examined without having to insert an investigative tool into the body. Instead of examining the bronchi directly with an endoscope, a virtual bronchoscopy "simulates" the investigation at the computer. Thus, even very small abnormalities in the bronchial tubes are made visible, and can be viewed and evaluated.

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