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Radiologic Diagnostics

Only reliable diagnostics can indicate to you the correct course of action in the case of pain or discomfort: either the diagnosis points out a root cause, thus laying the foundation for successful treatment, or it shows that you are healthy and do not need any further treatment.

We offer a wide range of examination methods 

In our practices, we offer all current radiological examination methods. Our investigation units are state-of-the-art and ensure a reliable, gentle and fast diagnosis.

Your doctor and our radiologist or nuclear-medicine physicians carefully determine which testing methods are best for you. We are competent partners to address specific questions or problems.

Since we are a large group of physicians, we also have the opportunity in many areas to apply the 4-eyes principle, i.e. a second review of a test result to obtain a second opinion.

We realise the 4-eyes principle by modern communication technology such as teleradiology. This allows us to send the investigation images to all sites in our network of practices within seconds for a (second) inspection. Our digital archiving system allows quick and easy retrieval of older images for comparison with new images. In addition, CDs with external investigations can be read easily and used for comparison.