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Colon (virtual colonoscopy)

Colorectal-cancer screening can save lives

Each year more than 50,000 people are confronted with a colorectal cancer diagnosis. At least the recovery prospects are very good for colon cancer, but only if it is detected at an early stage and treated.

Colonoscopy - the main screening method

Early detection remains the most important element in the fight against intestinal cancer. Here the colonoscopy, i.e. the imaging of the large intestine, is of particular importance. Only with this test method can adenomatous polyps, which are considered precursors to cancer of the colon, and other abnormal changes in the colonic mucosa, be detected reliably. With early diagnosis and proper treatment intestinal cancer is curable.

Direct assessment of the intestinal wall without the use of an endoscope

The virtual colonoscopy is an examination procedure that provides meaningful insight into the bowel lumen without having to introduce instruments into the large intestine. The examination is performed with the aid of an advanced low-beam, multi-slice, computed tomography (CT) scanner, which depicts the bowel lumen three-dimensionally.

With the help of virtual colonoscopy, we can precisely identify even the smallest polyps of only a few millimetres in size, as well as other changes in the intestinal mucosa. At the same time abnormal changes of the surrounding organs and structures can also be evaluated.

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